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One of the main reasons I chose to work with WiX for my clients is the simplicity of being able to update your website without any coding whatsoever. This guide is meant to show you the basics of the editor and store so that you are able to quickly and easily update your website and store functions. Since I go over just the basics - because otherwise, this guide would be WAY too long for anyone to want to read - I have also included links to some of the most helpful areas in WiX support. They do an awesome job of explaining and walking through all of the additional features of the system. I would also recommend either subscribing to my blog or the WiX blog as there are new features being released all the time.  


Oh and remember, each design comes with lifetime email support so if you have any questions or issues please feel free to shoot me an email at I am happy to help!


So you have accepted the website design into your WiX account. What’s next? The first thing to do is become familiar with your Dashboard. This is where your website and account settings are located. The first thing you want to do is update your Site Settings. This is all of the “behind the scenes” information for your website. You can see that it is located on the left hand side of your Dashboard (see image below).


Intro into your Dashboard